Online Presence and Testimonials

“Working with Stephen is a pleasure and a great learning experience. He is warm and compassionate, has an amazing memory for detail (at least partly because he is such a good listener), and is truly interested in creating an aesthetically pleasing, highly functional website that reflects the character of the business it represents. Stephen is clearly personally invested in our success, in our feeling great about our website and confident in our ability to manage it on an ongoing basis. He is constantly learning and seems to be a step ahead of industry changes, so he chooses the most effective, cost-effective, and sustainable options for creating and managing our online presence. I feel inspired to keep learning and updating our website, in order to maintain the professional standard that Stephen has set for us.”

Angeline Johnson, owner of Richmond Beach Yoga

“I appreciate all your hard work so much, and think the end result is awesome.  I think the business identity and logo and everything together presents very professionally.   I’m very happy with the result.”

A. Caron, PHD

“My website continues to reap benefits.  While I was on tour in the Marshall Islands, I did several workshops in schools in addition to several concert performances.  Many of the people I met at shows, and kids from the schools, went on my website and even used the contact form to write me emails.  It’s so convenient and satisfying to tell people “check out my website” knowing that it actually embodies my work and is something I can be proud of.”

Jeremy Jones, Drummer and Composer

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