Packaging Illustration for Mutiny Bay Distillery

Whiskey made in the Northwest? Yes! The family business at Mutiny Bay Distillery now has my illustration on their whiskey bottles. Thank you to Design Heavy for contracting me for my illustration skills, and compliments on his great packaging design. Also, thank you to the owners of Mutiny Bay Distillery for the honor of being […]

How Do You Know If You Have The Right Web Designer For Your Project?

Small business owners looking for a web designer have the tricky task of choosing the right web designer for their project. Recently, I had someone come to me dissatisfied with their previous web designer and ask me to redo the website project they did not complete. The previous web designer might have been the right fit for […]

Client Showcase: Boon Boona Coffee

With all the tech businesses booming around us in Seattle, and my inability to understand half of what these businesses are doing, there is one business we all understand—COFFEE. Quarterly, I showcase a client that I’m really excited about what they are doing. This month it’s Boon Boona Coffee—owned and managed by Efrem Fesaha. We have […]

Search Engine Optimization: Marketing and SEO with Holmes, Poirot and Marlowe

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of a business’ online marketing. Search Engine Optimization could be a full time job, and is for some people, but what I prefer to do is offer it to a select few clients while I maintain my focus on being a web designer. Here are […]

Client Showcase: Richmond Beach Yoga

Since 2011, Schildbach Design has worked with Richmond Beach Yoga, a yoga studio that offers classes, workshops and yoga teacher training. The work I’ve done for the business covers their entire identity from their business card, to their logo, and two generations of their website and online presence. I started first coding their website within […]

Happy New Year, 2016! Using Dada instead of Data for a Successful Business

It has been a successful year for Schildbach Design. I reached some personal goals for the business in 2015. And, while data continues to perfect the answers to our business questions, I’d like to credit my personal success to welcoming a touch of Dada (not data) into my business plan. For those of you who […]

Being A Graphic Designer and Web Designer in Seattle

When you hear about a web designer also claiming to be a graphic designer, you my question whether they are spreading themselves out too thin, or you may want someone who specializes in graphic design. For business identities, often you are going to need a web designer and a graphic designer. If you are a […]

I’m A Logo Designer Too—A Portfolio of Logo Designs

Being a logo designer has two main challenges. The first is expressing a company’s essence in one simplistic graphic, the other is getting people to see the value and importance of a quality logo created by a professional graphic designer. The process of doing a logo takes several hours, because much more is involved than […]


“Working with Stephen is a pleasure and a great learning experience. He is warm and compassionate, has an amazing memory for detail (at least partly because he is such a good listener), and is truly interested in creating an aesthetically pleasing, highly functional website that reflects the character of the business it represents. Stephen is […]