Being A Graphic Designer and Web Designer in Seattle

Seattle Graphic Designer, Stephen Schildbach

When you hear about a web designer also claiming to be a graphic designer, you my question whether they are spreading themselves out too thin, or you may want someone who specializes in graphic design. For business identities, often you are going to need a web designer and a graphic designer. If you are a small business, you may not be able to afford a team from a design firm. Schildbach Design is the perfect fit when you are a small business, a non-profit, a department of an institution, or an individual with a creative project.

It is a small disappointment when I am hired to develop a client’s website only, and I am handed a design for the website, or the logo, from another designer. Sometimes new clients will not know my background is in graphic design and illustration. Sometimes they find another graphic designer first, have them do the design, then realize they need a web developer, and hire me for the web development. I can understand why this would happen.

When a new client recognizes I do both design and code, often I find myself merging the two skills. Both my Seattle clients and national clients who run small businesses will call me for a package of abilities. The graphic design skills are utilized for both the website and print. I have several clients who have asked me to design their logo, business card, brochure, print ads and other print collateral, while at the same time designing and developing the website. When I say designing and developing, this means I’m coding the website in WordPress, and using HTML, CSS, jQuery and PHP. I work “under the hood” when I develop your website. I don’t use cookie cutter templates. This is what separates me from someone who is a graphic designer only. I merge my design skills with my coding skills.

But, if you are simply needing a graphic designer for print design or other design projects, don’t hesitate to request a quote. I’m available for most graphic design projects.

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