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Search Engine Optimization Package

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of a business’ online marketing. Search Engine Optimization could be a full time job, and is for some people, but what I prefer to do is offer it to a select few clients while I maintain my focus on being a web designer. Here are just some of the particular SEO tactics I use, to bring more business to you:

  • WORKING TOGETHER. A big part of improving SEO is we work together on specific tasks. I can’t get results without the client working with me. This means modifying page content, being willing to writing blog entries, and trying social media advertising.
  • ONLINE TOOLS. I use Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and if you have a WordPress site—Yoast. My biggest advantage over using these free tools on your own is I use a paid service from that reveals the ways we can improve the SEO on your website and how to maximize the results of the most important keywords for your business.
  • WOMAN POWER. My assistant Leslie Timmons helps analyze the statistics with me, so that we can brain storm the most appropriate approaches for your particular business.
  • MORE THAN SEO. To strengthen the results of your SEO, I consult and work with you to create a multi-layered approach of email newsletters, social media, online advertising, and other tactics outside of, but linked to your website.
  • PERFORMANCE BASED COST. Except for a non-refundable deposit, most of the cost is based on reaching particular goals we agree upon. You only pay for the goals that are reached. This is very different from advertising in a magazine, where you pay the full amount weather you drive up business or not. For example, if there are 6 specified goals and only 4 are reached, after the deposit, you pay two thirds of the cost.

I’m a designer first and foremost, creating well-designed websites and business identities for my clients. If you want someone who specializes in SEO only, I can recommend an expert to you. But, for most small businesses, institutions, non-profits, and creative projects, one of these three packages will provide the results you seek. The three SEO packages I offer use similar tactics to bring more people to your site, but are each different in how thorough I am with the work, the duration the work lasts, and of course, the cost.

Before commencing my work, I provide a contract with the stated goals and keyword phrases I recommend. Your feedback is integral in modifying the contract until we both agree that these are realistic goals I can accomplish and my goals will bring you more business.

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