I’m A Logo Designer Too—A Portfolio of Logo Designs

Logo Designer

Lush Floral and GardenBeing a logo designer has two main challenges. The first is expressing a company’s essence in one simplistic graphic, the other is getting people to see the value and importance of a quality logo created by a professional graphic designer. The process of doing a logo takes several hours, because much more is involved than what appears on the surface. Logos are put under a microscope by the creator, the client and the public. I really enjoy making logos for my clients. One small disappointment I have faced more than once is being mistaken for being a web designer only, when I’m just as much of a logo designer. Clients sometimes will come to me with a logo from another graphic designer they hired without knowing that I have a longer history of being a logo designer, graphic designer and illustrator than being a web designer.

Here is my process: First, the client and I brainstorm together. Then rough black and white sketches are presented and a couple are chosen out of several options. Next, many variations are created from the first one or two chosen options. At this point, color is only now introduced and integrated in with the design. Along the way several fonts are presented and matched up with the imagery. Sometimes typography is customized. Finally, micro-adjustments are made to logo and several versions are created for the website, print, in house printing, and possibly, merchandise. I’ve spent 30-40 hours on some logos not because it takes me that long to make the image, but the whole process from idea to the public involves a lot of decision making and discussions along the way.

See my rates page for the prices and the kind of logo you may need.

Below is a list of my top 10 logos I’ve designed for clients since starting my business, Schildbach Design, in 2008.

  1. Keith B. Wong, orthodontist (illustration by Keith B. Wong)
  2. Home and Comfort (never used)
  3. Center for Precision Diagnostics, University of Washington
  4. CBT Westport, clinical psychologists
  5. Speaking of Dying, a film about end of life planning
  6. Majdor, clothing and accessories
  7. Miles Lost Miles Gained, Washington rivers project by Zac Corum
  8. Wendy Woldenberg, jeweler
  9. Solstice NYC, psychiatrist
  10. Lush Floral and Garden, floral and garden designer

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