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About Schildbach Design & Seattle Web Designer Stephen Schildbach


Schildbach Design is owned and operated by me, Stephen Schildbach. I specialize in creating websites and identity for small businesses, sole proprietors, institutions and non-profits. Projects include web and print. Schildbach Design is a sole proprietorship, with the occasional help from colleagues in the design and development communities when extra needs arise. In 2015, Shaun D. Vine has been working with me consistently, to help with my overflow of work.

Schildbach Design could be best described as a boutique web design and development studio. I value high quality design, tasteful marketing and personal interaction with my clients. I believe that good design elevates a business’ identity; that marketing should be selective, not obnoxious; and that projects are more enjoyable and successful when there is thoughtful communication between designer and client.

While the common demand is, “How fast and cheap can I get it?”, my work ethic is about quality over quantity; and enjoyment over speed. At the same time, my goal is to provide a service that contributes to the success of my clients. Additionally, the technological advancements of our time made by companies such Apple and Google have us expecting a perfection from all technological products and services. Often it is only me, Stephen Schildbach, working on a project. I do not guarantee perfection, especially when launching a website. There are too many factors outside of my control. Hopefully, my honesty about my philosophy behind my work provides you with enough information to decide if our working relationship will be a good one.

Although my background is in art, illustration and design, I have taken seriously learning how to code. I develop sites using HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL. All of my projects contain custom coded components; because I enjoy to work that way and my clients ask for it. Although, I see coding as only a tool to build a successful website, not an obsession. With this viewpoint, I believe that I have the ability to talk about technology with my clients in a language they understand.

Most clients need to be able to update their own site. Although I started using and promoting Concrete5 as my CMS of choice, I have grown to agree with so many others that WordPress is the best, and have made WordPress my main CMS since 2013. One of the technical skills I have been focusing on the most is advancing my knowledge of WordPress to a level that allows me to build most anything my clients ask for.

Schildbach Design is operated in Seattle, WA. I work with clients mostly in Seattle, but also have clients throughout the U.S.

Outside of Work

My favorite time period is the 1960's and 70's, even if I wasn't old enough to remember it all. I wish family wasn't so far away. I like Wes Anderson films, and people have mistaken me for Jim Jeramusch (another favorite director of mine). My wife, Monica and I share many things, like the love of music, a spiritual life, and an amazing little girl. I thought I loved international travel, but caught dengue fever in Mexico. So instead, I enjoy more local adventures on the West Coast. My first career was illustration and fine art. Although mostly a part of my past, being "an artist" is still a big part of who I am.