Secure Your WordPress Website with SSL

In 2017 hacking is on the rise, and most browsers are requiring website owners to add an SSL certificate to their site if the site has a database. This includes all CMSs, which includes WordPress sites. You may have noticed that if your site is still “http” you either see an insecure lock icon or text that […]

A Call For Photographers To Join The Photography Studio at The Gelb

Coming from an art and design background, I was saddened to hear the news today (the day of this blog entry) that my office space in Seattle’s University District was going to close down the photography studio and turn it in to yet another office full of computers. It’s financially responsible and rational to serve […]

Packaging Illustration for Mutiny Bay Distillery

Whiskey made in the Northwest? Yes! The family business at Mutiny Bay Distillery now has my illustration on their whiskey bottles. Thank you to Design Heavy for contracting me for my illustration skills, and compliments on his great packaging design. Also, thank you to the owners of Mutiny Bay Distillery for the honor of being […]