Happy New Year, 2016! Using Dada instead of Data for a Successful Business

It has been a successful year for Schildbach Design. I reached some personal goals for the business in 2015. And, while data continues to perfect the answers to our business questions, I’d like to credit my personal success to welcoming a touch of Dada (not data) into my business plan. For those of you who […]

Top 10 Website Maintenance and Troubleshooting Needs

Over the course of my 8 year career as a web designer, my client’s needs have changed. Although, website maintenance is still a large need for new and repeat clients alike. Now, as we wrap up the 2015 year, below are the top 10 tasks I’m asked to do and can do for my clients. […]

Being A Graphic Designer and Web Designer in Seattle

When you hear about a web designer also claiming to be a graphic designer, you my question whether they are spreading themselves out too thin, or you may want someone who specializes in graphic design. For business identities, often you are going to need a web designer and a graphic designer. If you are a […]