Web Design for Small Businesses

You and I meet (A phone meeting if you are not in Seattle) to discuss your vision of the website you want. I provide prototype designs, created in Adobe Illustrator, that combine your project requests and my design sense. We work together to build a website that has a clear navigation and beautiful design. I provide web design for small businesses, institutions, non-profits and creative individuals.


WordPressThere are many people who know how to use WordPress. And, I’ve only been using it since 2013. But, my use of WordPress has been deep and extensive. I am able to build my own themes and plugins. I’m able to customize the WordPress core, and integrate jQuery features without using a plugin. I code the most features without the use of too many plugins. I use plugins only when client’s requests exceed my ability to code them. I don’t just work on the front end in the dashboard (WordPress web designers only work in the dashboard), I both work both in the dashboard and on the actual files—coding in PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, and a little bit of Javascript. Because of this extensive knowledge, I can provide most any feature requested by my clients.

Responsive Design

A web design trend that is known in the web development community but not a common term to the general public is responsive design. This approach to designing websites is mostly essential today with all of the many devices your website is going to appear on: PC, Mac, tablets, smart phones, big screens and small screens. I highly recommend this extra service so that your website smoothly shapes to any device and the content is easy to read and navigate through.


After a design has been determined, I develop my website with open source coding languages common to the industry (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, SQL). Most often clients need a content management system, my favorites are Wordpress and Concrete5. Most of my sites are built with responsive design so that your site shapes to every kind of device: PC's, Tablets and smart phones. I use several of Google's tools like Google Analytics, Google Fonts, and Google Maps API. I code my css using the preprocessors Compass and SASS.

Content Management Systems

My clients often want to update their own site and a Content Management System is the tool for accomplishing that. My expertise is in building websites within the CMS's Wordpress and Concrete5. But, after five years, I'm phasing out Concrete5. Wordpress is simply more stable and robust. I have found that around 20% of my clients do not want to touch their sites. If you have little interest to work on your own site, and little time, forgo the CMS, and have the site built in html. Your site will be faster, more stable, and easier to optimize for search engine optimization. If you want a simple static site that you will be updating, Concrete5 is still ok, or another option is Square Space. While Wordpress is in a league of it's own. Joomla and Drupal are distant seconds. Wordpress is so vast and can do most anything imaginable, it easy to use for clients, accessible for web developers like me, and dependable for everyone.

Business Identity Design

In essence, your business identity starts with a vision or direction. When put to something tangible, your brand starts with a logo. Schildbach Design starts with the logo, your online presence is usually the largest of of your visual identity (but this depends on your business), and then we round out your collateral with print materials like a business card or brochure. Along the way, Schildbach Design consults and listens to you so that your marketing materials match the image and professionalism of your business.


Consulting is that grey area between our first meeting and final production. Much of my consulting is included in the project cost because my advice is part of getting the project done. But, there are times where important, involved questions are raised. If an uninformed decision is made, a project can fall apart or be very costly. This is where I recommend initial consulting services where I will present to you the technologies available and the procedures that have worked for my previous clients.


Everyone wants their website on the first page of Google for their most prized keyword searches. I create websites that maximize your visibility on the web and explain how I'm doing it. I enjoy building well-designed aesthetic sites, but sometimes you have to put the beautiful design aside and replace it with descriptive content to improve the site's search results.

For mid to large sized companies in competitive fields, a good SEO consultant is essential. But having a successful online presence for a small businesses, non-profits and individuals is a straight forward task that doesn't require spending a lot of money or calling in a specialist. I have learned the essentials of Search Engine Optimization to maximize your site's visibility. I do not promise your site will be on page one, sometimes that is not possible. SEO consultants who do claim to get you on page one of Google are not being truthful about the complexities of the process behind SEO. And, sometimes the lengths people go to increase their SEO has negative effects, like turning away readers because it is clear that the content of the site was only written to maximize SEO, not to provide quality content.

There are two plans offered: a "basic SEO plan" that addresses SEO during production and monitors and adjusts your site for 30 days. This SEO plan focuses on the internal code and clear content. But, when your site is not performing well in the search engines, or you are in a competitive field, I also offer an "extensive SEO package" that investigates, analyzes and improves on search engine results over a 6 month period, using online tools that rate and give guidance for improvement.

Print Design

Business Card: When designing a business card with your identity, you have already done a majority of the work with a logo. Now, it's time to incorporate the logo in a small design that will bring people to your website and you. It is also a good idea to have some preliminary ideas for the website (if it hasn't been built already) that match the design of your business card.

Postcard: Any kind of postcard or promotional piece is a great way to keep your business visible and direct people to your website.

Brochure: Whether your need for a brochure is a part of your identity or a separate promotional plan, Schildbach Design creates brochures that range from tri-fold to multi-page booklets.

Books: Schildbach Design offers book interior and cover design. His largest project was an educational six book series on learning, memory, and writing for the Quantum Learning Network. See my portfolio for samples.

Magazines: In addition to online magazines, Schildbach Design offers print magazine design. He is presently working on an annual journal for the Northwest Dharma Association.

Printers: There are so many printing options, the choices can be overwhelming and confusing. Schildbach Design consults with you and can either point you to printers that will satisfy your job needs or can handle the interaction with the printer for you.

Logo Design

Logos are the cornerstone of a business identity. Schildbach Design provides unique, sophisticated logo designs for his clients. Examples can be seen in my portfolio and in my blog.