Client Showcase: Boon Boona Coffee

With all the tech businesses booming around us in Seattle, and my inability to understand half of what these businesses are doing, there is one business we all understand—COFFEE. Quarterly, I showcase a client that I’m really excited about what they are doing. This month it’s Boon Boona Coffee—owned and managed by Efrem Fesaha. We have a long working relationship where back in 2008 he came to me for a logo and then decided to put his project on hold. He came back to me in early 2016 to restart his Business Identity. Now Boon Boona is going strong. You can see Boon Boona Coffee in Seattle stores, coffee trade shows, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Boon Boona Coffee Home Page

Design and development work I did for Boon Boona Coffee:

  • Logo
  • Packaging
  • Website
  • eCommerce

Boon Boona’s roasted coffee supports small farmers in Rwanda and Ethiopia, including an all women coop called Hingakawa Women’s Coffee. Boon Boona Coffee not only offers roasted coffee, what most of us are used to. Additionally, traditional to Ethiopia and Eastern Africa, he offers green coffee—unroasted coffee that you roast at home. Efrem gave me a personal tutorial on how to roast the coffee in a frying pan on the stove as it is commonly done in Ethiopian family’s homes today.

Support small businesses and East African coffee bean farmers. Please support Boon Boona Coffee.

Client Showcase: Richmond Beach Yoga

Since 2011, Schildbach Design has worked with Richmond Beach Yoga, a yoga studio that offers classes, workshops and yoga teacher training. The work I’ve done for the business covers their entire identity from their business card, to their logo, and two generations of their website and online presence. I started first coding their website within the Concrete5, but abandoned the CMS due to it’s instability. In 2016, I developed a second website design for RBY in WordPress and the improvements are many. Now, the client has a stable site, that is easy to update themselves. (By the way, Concrete5 is even easier to update for a non-tech savvy client, but WordPress is so much lighter on it’s feet with faster page loading, and a versatile system that allows for any kind of customization.)

Richmond Beach Yoga looks forward to their Yoga Teaching Training, March 4th to June 17th. But, before that event, do not hesitate to try one of their classes if you live in the Seattle area. They are just north of Seattle, and have affordable prices and a wide variety of classes and quality teachers—from hatha yoga to vinyasa yoga to yin yoga to meditation classes. If I lived just a little closer, I’d be there all the time. Yoga is an integral form of my healthy lifestyle. It provides for me exercise, body health, mental health, and spiritual connection to the great unknown.

I’m A Logo Designer Too—A Portfolio of Logo Designs

Lush Floral and GardenBeing a logo designer has two main challenges. The first is expressing a company’s essence in one simplistic graphic, the other is getting people to see the value and importance of a quality logo created by a professional graphic designer. The process of doing a logo takes several hours, because much more is involved than what appears on the surface. Logos are put under a microscope by the creator, the client and the public. I really enjoy making logos for my clients. One small disappointment I have faced more than once is being mistaken for being a web designer only, when I’m just as much of a logo designer. Clients sometimes will come to me with a logo from another graphic designer they hired without knowing that I have a longer history of being a logo designer, graphic designer and illustrator than being a web designer.

Here is my process: First, the client and I brainstorm together. Then rough black and white sketches are presented and a couple are chosen out of several options. Next, many variations are created from the first one or two chosen options. At this point, color is only now introduced and integrated in with the design. Along the way several fonts are presented and matched up with the imagery. Sometimes typography is customized. Finally, micro-adjustments are made to logo and several versions are created for the website, print, in house printing, and possibly, merchandise. I’ve spent 30-40 hours on some logos not because it takes me that long to make the image, but the whole process from idea to the public involves a lot of decision making and discussions along the way.

See my rates page for the prices and the kind of logo you may need.

Below is a list of my top 10 logos I’ve designed for clients since starting my business, Schildbach Design, in 2008.

  1. Keith B. Wong, orthodontist (illustration by Keith B. Wong)
  2. Home and Comfort (never used)
  3. Center for Precision Diagnostics, University of Washington
  4. CBT Westport, clinical psychologists
  5. Speaking of Dying, a film about end of life planning
  6. Majdor, clothing and accessories
  7. Miles Lost Miles Gained, Washington rivers project by Zac Corum
  8. Wendy Woldenberg, jeweler
  9. Solstice NYC, psychiatrist
  10. Lush Floral and Garden, floral and garden designer

2015 Clients

I want to thank all of my 20 plus, 2015 clients help make Schildbach Design have it’s best year to date. My repeat clients and new clients cover a dynamic range of professions (therapists, scientists, orthodontists, musicians, yoga teachers, etc…). Work that spans web maintenance to business identities. This year’s client list: