Shaun D. Vine

I met Shaun Vine through a mutual friend, Bob Anderton. I needed a website subcontractor to help with my overflow of work. He needed web work. I needed someone who is serious about web design and development, but doesn’t necessarily need to know the extent of what I know. The biggest part of working with someone is chemistry, and we work together well. Thank you Shaun for helping Schildbach Design move forward!

—Stephen Schildbach

Now, words from Shaun…

I feel very fortunate to have met Stephen and be helping him with his overflow work. Since I am not as accomplished as Stephen in Website Design and Development, working along side him have given me invaluable experience.

I grew up on the coast in Durban, South Africa; a beautiful place. Warm ocean water, long sandy beaches and amazing surfing all year long. My parents loved  the beach and would take the entire family to the coast most week ends. So, naturally I started surfing, and at ten years old was already comfortable in the ocean. My University years were spend at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. While completing my Masters in Business Administration I represented my University and State in Surfing. I still surf here in Washington as much as I can, even though it is so much colder than the waters off Durban.

I came to Seattle in the summer of 1994 to visit a long time friend. I spent the summer in Seattle and decided to apply for a Green Card instead of going back to South Africa. I stayed despite the fact that nobody warned me about the Seattle winters. In 2005 I became a U.S. Citizen and have mede Seattle my home.

I recently made a career change from Residential Real Estate to Website Design and Development. After seventeen years in Real Estate I felt that it was time to find a career that allowed me to utilize more of my creative side.  While I was working in Real Estate one of my tasks was to manage the website of the Real Estate Team. The managing role morphed in to editing and updating of the site; which I enjoyed. In order to manage the site more efficiently I taught myself WordPress and basic CSS and HTML. I am now happily doing Website Design and Development full time.