Website Maintenance Plan & Tech Support Packages

Every business needs to have a website maintenance plan for their website. The economical route is to do it yourself. But, having a professional maintain your website frees up your time to do what you are good at—your own profession. See the top 10 most common forms of website maintenance that Schildbach Design does for clients.

Schildbach Design offers Website Maintenance Plan & Tech Support Packages. My Production schedule is usually full, so I request clients prepay for a website maintenance package. I rarely have time for “on call” web maintenance and tech support without these pre-purchased, time based, fixed rate packages. Entrepreneur Magazine has a article about why you need to keep your website in good shape.

This has been a win/win situation for both myself and the client. Many clients have purchased, and are happy with this new policy. With this change, I have a more structured, manageable production schedule, and clients needing tech support have my agreement, that I will get to their maintenance requests, updates, and tech support within 48 hours (unless I am on vacation, and then I will refer you to either my colleague Leslie Timmons or Shaun D. Vine).

For clients needing maintenance and tech support, who choose not to purchase the packages, they will have a wait time of 2-4 weeks for me to get to your requests. I apologize for this wait, but I am booked that far ahead.

Here are the specific parameters of the maintenance plans:

Policies for Website Maintenance Plan Packages

  • Package options are 5 hour, 10 hour and 20 hour
  • Non-profits, individuals businesses and institutions pay $50 an hour
  • The 10 hour package has a 5% discount off the hourly rates
  • The 20 hour packages has a 10% discount off the hourly rates
  • Rates are $250 for 5 hrs, $475 for 10 hrs, and $900 for 20 hrs
  • I invoice at the beginning of work, payment must be received by the time I’ve completed 2 hours of work
  • Packages apply to maintenance, upgrades, troubleshooting, consulting and tech support
  • These packages can not be used for large pay by project jobs
  • The package expires in 2 years after submission of the invoice. If unused hours remain, Schildbach Design returns the value of the remaining hours
  • You receive a status email after any work is done (stating the hours used and remaining), and a final project report when the hours are used up
  • When hours are used up, you can either buy another package, or choose to go back to by the hour costs
  • If you are unhappy with the progress of the maintenance and can articulate why, I will return the prorated cost for the unused hours back to you

See the rates page for more information.