Month: February 2015

Graphic Designer, Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister

The top people in your profession—you know who they are. But, even the most established and accomplished outside of your profession, you’ve probably never heard of them. Stefan Sagmeister is one of those people you’ve probably never heard of (even though he has one of the most unique names I’ve ever seen), unless you are Read the full article…

business Identity and the physical space

Schildbach Design Office Renovation For A Better Physical Business Identity

It is not just a virtual business identity being launched this February. I’ve also gotten permission from my landlord to renovate my home office. My office was originally a sun room or an enclosed porch with no insulation. Seattle is not very cold in the winter time, but still, for me to work in my Read the full article…

Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Brand Identity

A New Moon Brand Identity Launch

What a better time to launch a new brand identity (aka business identity) than on a new moon (and the Chinese New Year). Farmers know that you plant crops at certain times of the moon’s cycle, but most business owners make their advances forward using more rational means—like during a good economy or after analyzing Read the full article…